I know I talk so big so often and one of my favorite subjects in the realm of bushido is death and dying. It’s not that I really enjoy talking about this, it’s just that it has so much to life and living. On Monday I had to euthanize our beloved Lhasa Apso named Mopit. We rescued her about 10 years ago from an unruly owner and she quickly became a member of our family which included a couple of beautiful cats named Smoke and Bear and of course there was Gunner.

Well our two cats passed away and then Gunner was stricken with cancer and we had to lay him down as well to keep him from hurting. Through this all there was our valiant Mopit consoling us all the way! And now it became her turn and we hated it, but knew it was her time. Thank God we can do this for our pets. I know I haven’t cried enough to let go, but I will on both counts. May all our beloved pets and family members find eternal peace in heaven. All of them have made me a better person. I thought I would just share this with you out there and encourage you all to continue to perfect yourself by treating your pets and other family members with unlimited kindness and compassion, because they won’t be with you always. What I would give for one more day with any one of them is priceless.

Best wishes to you all and thank you for my life!