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MAK Membership SignUp/Renewal

Regarding the letter dated March 14, 2007, The Makoto Aikido Kyokai, Inc. Board of Directors has amended and adopted the re-structure of the membership and associated fees. The following is the tier system option that will help each existing member dojo adjust to the new fee structure.

Certified Member Dojo Membership Due:  $450.00 USD

Individual Member Membership Due:  $ 45.00 USD* (direct to MAK)

*Members of a Certified Affiliate Member Dojo are automatically members of the Makoto Aikido Kyokai, Inc. and are not charged individual member fees by the MAK. Certified Affiliate Member Dojo-chos can collect individual membership fees from their students up to $45 per year. They may keep all monies collected from their students in a dojo fund to be used for dojo business, especially in regards to creating a teaching seminar with a guest.

The GDP fee structure will no longer apply. All fees will convert to US dollars in the amount above.

This new structure goes into effect as of April 26, 2007. Any outstanding memberships for 2006 must be brought up to date in order to qualify for the new fee structure. Any Memberships that don’t expire until (2008), the new structure will be applied at that time unless the Dojo-cho chooses to begin now.

The MAK Board has taken into consideration the impact this may have on newer dojos and we are very confident the above fee structure is in the best interest of all member dojo’s.

Tier System Option (by request)

1st Year Membership: $250.00 USD

2nd Year Membership: $350.00 USD

3rd Year Membership: $450.00 USD

3rd Year+ Alumni Membership: $450.00 USD

The tier system option is available to you by request only. If you want to use this payment option please submit a written request to Makoto Aikido Kyokai headquarters for approval. This request may be submitted via email.

Member Types

Certified Member Dojo

A Dojo whose Dojo-cho has DAN rank under MAK and wishes to be authorized to test students and award rank under the MAK. (For more information about Dojo types click here)

Individual Member

Any student who is not a member of a Certified Member Dojo. These students may test for MAK ranking at ANY Certified Affiliate Member Dojo at the discretion of the Dojo-cho. A student that joins directly to MAK will received membership cards from the MAK.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. This new format is designed to help YOU succeed and we want to assist you in this understanding.

Makoto Aikido Kyokai, Inc.
Board and Staff

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