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Makoto Aikido Kyokai Heritage

For over forty years now (since 1973), Shihan Reynosa has been engaged in Aikido, most of those years as an instructor and student. A few years ago, Shihan Reynosa chose to dedicate himself solely to the teaching and promotion of Aikido on a global basis. What he brings to the Aikido training experience is the rich and deep tradition taught to him by some of the world’s most renowned Senseis and Shihans involved in Aikido. From this was born the Makoto Aikido Kyokai (MAK). We are a global organization committed to the spread and teaching of Aikido in its purest sense. The MAK is directly affiliated and reports to Hombu Dojo, Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo Japan.

There are many Aikido dojos around the world, but only a small, select few interact directly with the headquarters in Japan. These dojos, like Makoto Dojo and the MAK, promote and practice Aikido in its purest sense as O’Sensei intended it to be. We believe that there is truly only one Aikido, and everything we do is geared to that end, from training on the mat to incorporating Aikido in our everyday lives.

About 20 years ago, as Shihan Reynosa practiced Aikido on a regular basis, he began to feel that although Aikido was an extremely powerful martial art, there was much more to it. He felt that the full potential of Aikido was often ignored, so that the practice was easier and not too intense. In 1983, Reynosa Shihan got to know Steven Seagal, who had just arrived back into the United States after having studied in Japan for approximately 18 years himself. For the next 18 years, Reynosa Shihan developed a deeper appreciation for the full potential of Aikido as a true path of bushido by studying with Seagal Sensei.

In August, 2001, Reynosa Shihan felt that he had gained all that he could from Seagal Sensei and left his side. Reynosa Shihan had become Seagal’s highest ranking student (Godan) and had produced all but two seminars around the world with him. Reynosa Shihan often speaks of still being inspired by Seagal’s teaching from this period of time and reminds us that he will be eternally grateful to Seagal for his time with him.

From these experiences Shihan Reynosa has assembled his teachings to incorporate all that he had learned to make the experience at MAK as close to O’Sensei’s original intent as possible. The MAK is committed not only to Aikido as the martial art, but to Aikido in our everyday lives, relationships, and the capability to apply its powerful techniques to decisively protect our loved ones and ourselves in the face of any attack. The MAK experience will provide you with the tools, teachings and understandings to carry the light for you and for the other students of your dojo.

Shihan Reynosa’s dedication to Aikido as taught by O’Sensei is an ongoing commitment to having the world transformed into a better place for all beings. As such, his work will continue to be expressed in every aspect of his life. There is a constant transformation underway to continue to make these teachings available to all who seek them including seminars and events all over the world. There are currently plans underway to develop an Aikido Dojo / Retreat complex in central California in the United States where all MAK members may meet, train, and exchange ideas together.

We invite you to join us, to join the ranks of those who believe in O’Sensei’s way and want to be a part of something truly special. We look forward to meeting you.