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Makoto Aikido Kyokai Vision

Welcome! – It has always been our intention to train in Aikido in it’s purest, intended fashion. Today there are many, many “ways” of Aikido, each practicing their own interpretation of what O’Sensei meant. At the Makoto Aikido Kyokai, we are dedicated to the principle that there is only one Aikido – only that which the founder taught. It is true that there is so much to this wonderful way that it is easy to place emphasis on a certain subset of techniques or methodologies, but when the life of O’Sensei is probed to the depths of his resolve, it becomes apparent that it is the foundational set of principles which makes Aikido not a martial art, but rather a way of life. Aikido can be applicable to all aspects of life, not just the dojo mat. We are dedicated to incorporating Aikido in its purest sense both on the mat and in our daily lives as well.

Our Mission Statement – The purpose of the Makoto Aikido Kyokai is to preserve, promote, and provide the teachings of Morihei Ueshiba on a global scale and to promote peace among all beings. The cohesion of our philosophy stems from the fibers of honesty, integrity, kindness and compassion and we welcome all who will adopt these principles and adhere to these teachings.

Truth In Training – One of the key values that defines the way we train in Aikido is that we believe in absolute truth in training. What this means to us is that when uke is providing an attack, that attack will be sincere. If a punch is thrown, it will not stop an inch or two from the target… it will actually hit the target if nage does not execute the proper Aikido technique. This also translates to the proper ma’ai (spacing) and da’ai (timing) for a real attack that one may experience in the world outside of the dojo. This prepares the student to adapt to any real situation. While Aikido can be practiced in a more choreographed fashion, which can be beautiful to watch, we feel that approach does not serve to train the student in the true essence of the sprit of budo intended by O’Sensei.

Don’t Get Punched, Kicked Or Grabbed – Another key value that defines the way we train is the fact that Aikido is a dynamic, not static way. While it is true that a person may be statically grabbed, we feel it is best to “not be there when the attack comes”. As such, when we train the basic fundamental concept is to avoid / blend / deflect the attack as it is coming in. This also provides nage with immediate momentum and power, just as O’Sensei intended Aikido to be.

Handling Yourself In The Real World – The methodology that is employed throughout the MAK is to prepare each practitioner with the tools necessary to cope with the real world. Inside the dojo there is a controlled environment, but outside the dojo the environment is anything but controlled. Thus, training in the MAK is designed to prepare everyone for anything at anytime – you always have to be ready because you never know when or how long the encounter will be.

Show Me What You’ve Got When You Have Nothing Left – In any real encounter, the potential for it to be a matter of life and death is always there. We train at a level, and especially on tests, to take the student far beyond what they thought they could do. Although often uncomfortable in many ways, training at this level provides each person with a much better chance at survival in the event someone or some event has the potential to inflict death upon them.

Emphasis On Budo And The Warrior’s Way – O’Sensei created and developed Aikido out of a deep understanding of the ancient Japanese tradition and way of the Samurai, or Budo. At MAK, we include the ethics, demeanor, integrity, qualities and mind set of Budo in our training.