Over the years we as students of Aikido have grown into teachers that have been called upon to conduct national and international seminars around the country and for some around the world. I have been blessed with great teachers and great students for the most part.

However, there comes a time when, as a teacher, a mentor or a friend that not everyone is going to like you forever. It has been my personal experience and the reason I am writing this announcement that the general public know that there are several of my former students that have misrepresented themselves, using my name and purporting that they learned from me and I have inspired them to speak out against the Aikikai or as they call it “classical Aikido”.

I would like anyone that reads this announcement that I fully support and comply with the world Aikido Headquarters and anyone denouncing Aikido in any way, shape or form, does so on their own behalf.

It is unfortunate that these same people, who said they were once inspired by not only my teachings, but those of the current Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba, could not have had the strength to continue supporting the virtues of kindness, compassion, honesty and above all integrity.

I feel bad that some of my former students and teachers have chosen the dark side of things.

However, I will continually celebrate all the good I have received from not only my former teachers, but all my former students and hope that one day they will see the light, so to speak. We all change… I have changed… but I hope and trust it all has been for the better!

Kind regards to all those out there that have found the strength in Aikido to leave the negativity behind and continue to look on the sunny side of things!


Larry Reynosa